Terms of Service for ai-allcreator.com

These Terms of Service govern your access to and use of ai-allcreator's AI-powered products and tools, which create code, text, images, templates, webpages, etc. (the “AI Products”).

We reserve the right to update the ai-allcreator from time to time. The ai-allcreator is incorporated by reference into ai-allcreator's Terms & Conditions available at [terms-and-conditions] (the “General Terms”) or other agreements governing the use of ai-allcreator’s services.

Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meanings assigned to such terms in the General Terms. In the event of any conflict between certain provisions of the ai-allcreator and the provisions of the General Terms, the provisions of the ai-allcreator shall prevail over the conflicting provisions of the General Terms, solely with respect to the AI Products.

Technology Partners

ai-allcreator uses technology provided by third-party service providers to offer the AI Products (the “Technology Partners”). ai-allcreator acts solely as a platform for these services offered by the Technology Partners, which are not vetted, endorsed, or controlled by ai-allcreator.

ai-allcreator disclaims any responsibility concerning your use or access to the services provided by the Technology Partners, including their availability or results. ai-allcreator will not intervene in any interactions between you and the Technology Partner.

You acknowledge that the use of services provided by the Technology Partners, such as OpenAI, LLC, Stability AI Ltd., Azure, Anthropic, etc., is subject to the policies, terms, and conditions of the Technology Partners, which may change at the discretion of the Technology Partners.

Input and Output Policies

Any text, images, or content uploaded to the AI Products (the “Input”), including personal data, will be shared with the Technology Partners to provide you with their services. The use of personal data included in the Input transferred to our Technology Partners shall be subject to the Technology Partners’ policies.

Acceptable Use Policy

You agree not to create any harmful content when using the AI Products. All limitations in these ai-allcreator, including content restrictions, apply to your usage of the AI Products. ai-allcreator will not tolerate any use of AI Products that violates these Terms or ai-allcreator’s Acceptable Use Policy and reserves the right to take action accordingly, including suspending or terminating your account and/or usage.

[Please review the complete Terms of Service for detailed information on other relevant topics]

For any copyright-related inquiries, contact info@ai-allcreator.com

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